In masonry cavity walls, mortar collection above the flashing and weep hole levels is vital for proper masonry cavity wall performance and to prevent water damage. In today’s walls, it’s common to see a 2” cavity reduced to the minimum requirement of 1” with the inclusion of insulation, so the need for better ventilation is essential to keep the wall dry and trouble-free. MortarNet™ with Insect Barrier™ suspends mortar droppings above the flashing and weeps, so they stay clear and unobstructed. The patented Insect Barrier helps deter insects from entering the cavity through the weep holes. Its NEW design using a structural strand polymer mesh allows moisture to flow to the weeps and significantly greater airflow within the cavity to promote drying.

Short Form Spec

Provide structural strand polymer mesh (0.4”, 1”, 1.5”, or 2”) trapezoidal configuration to maintain airflow and drainage while suspending mortar droppings at unequal heights. Provide one or more thicknesses as required to fill cavity width. Install per manufacturer’s instructions.

Specifier Note:  MortarNet™ with Insect Barrier™ is manufactured of structural strand polymer mesh, fabricated in a 90% open mesh, 2″, 1.5″, 1″ or 0.4″ thick.  It has no negative reaction to PVC, polyethylene, copper, lead, rubberized asphalt, or stainless steel. It will not  absorb or trap moisture or water, and is treated with an antimicrobial.  MortarNet™ with Insect Barrier™ is patented, US Patent No. 8,061,090.