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For traditional brick masonry cavity-wall construction.  Made of tough polyester mesh (2” & 1.5″) and nylon (0.4” & 1”), its patented trapezoidal shape captures mortar droppings on two levels so they can’t form a solid dam. In addition, its 90% open-weave mesh allows unobstructed water flow to weep holes and lets air move freely through the mesh.

Short Form Spec

Provide polyester mesh (2″ & 1.5″) and nylon (0.4″ & 1″) trapezoidal configuration to maintain airflow and drainage while suspending mortar droppings at unequal heights.  Provide one or more thicknesses as required to fill cavity width.  Install per manufacturers’ instructions.

Specifier Note:  MortarNet™ with Insect Barrier™ is manufactured of polyester mesh (2″ & 1.5″) and nylon (0.4″ & 1″), fabricated in a 90% open mesh, 2″, 1.5″, 1″ or 0.4″ thick.  Clean, non-toxic, and will not oxidize or react with common building materials.  Will not absorb or trap moisture or water, and is treated with an antimicrobial.  MortarNet™ with Insect Barrier™ is patented, US Patent No. 8,061,090.

Each submittal package below is specific to a particular size mentioned in each link:

0.4″ Download MortarNet 0.4″ Submittal Package
1.0″ Download MortarNet 1.0″ Submittal Package
1.5″ Download MortarNet 1.5″ Submittal Package
2.0″ Download MortarNet 2.0″ Submittal Package

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