WallNet allows moisture to easily flow to the weeps, promotes drying to help prevent mold growth and moisture damage, and can help extend the life of siding materials by helping them dry from the back.


  • 90% open-weave polyester mesh
  • Remains flexible and undamaged in a wide range of temperatures
  • Anti-microbial additive to control mold growth


  • Provides multiple pathways for water to flow to the flashing
  • Prevents mortar damming so moisture can move quickly and easily to the weeps
  • Prevents mortar droppings from clogging weep holes so moisture can exit the wall
  • Helps prevent mold growth, spalling, and efflorescence
  • Lightweight, fast and easy to install
  • 100% compatible with standard weep hole and weep vent designs
  • Will not degrade, oxidize, or react with common building materials
  • Can be applied to all substrates
  • Helps prevent call-backs and repairs due to damage caused by moisture in the cavity
  • Helps protect builders and designers from legal issues resulting from moisture damage and mold-related health problems
  • Clear instructions, extensive product support, and high quality materials help assure installations to specs

Weep holes or a weep screed must be used with WallNet to allow effective moisture drainage and wall drying. Click on WeepVent or CellVent to see how they can help keep weep holes open and prevent insects from entering the cavity through the weeps.

Available in 1/4" thickness