WeepVent for masonry cavity walls helps ensure that moisture can migrate out and air can circulate into the cavity, and that insects can’t enter the cavity through the weep holes.  The product’s compressibility means it can completely fill the weep holes, and “prickly adhesion” holds the WeepVent in place without fasteners or adhesives.


  • 90% open-weave polyester mesh
  • Available in Brown, Tan, Red, Almond, White, Gray, Black, and Pebble (New)
  • Custom sizes and cuts available on request
  • Sold in easy-tearoff sheets for easy handling on the job

air movement in cavity wall
Ventilate the top and bottom of wall


  • Very cost effective
  • 8 different color choices match common mortar colors, eliminate the appearance of dark weep holes and provide a finished look to any building design
  • Standard size WeepVent may be used with both standard and utility bricks
  • Helps prevent spalling from freeze/thaw cycles, efflorescence and wet basements by:
    • Allowing moisture to migrate out of the cavity so moisture can’t build up
    • Allowing air to circulate into the cavity so the cavity can dry quickly
    • Helping prevent pressure differentials, so moisture is not forced into the cavity
    • Preventing insects and debris from entering the cavity and blocking the weep holes
  • Very lightweight and easy to handle
  • Snug, permanent fit without adhesives or fasteners
  • Fast and easy to install in both new construction and restoration projects
  • Can be used at the top of the wall to help improve air circulation in the cavity
  • Will not degrade, oxidize, or react with common building materials, and is treated with a flame-retardant (see test data)
  • 100% compatible with standard weep hole designs
  • Helps prevent call-backs and repairs due to moisture damage in the cavity
  • Helps protect builders and designers from legal issues resulting from moisture damage
  • Clear instructions, extensive product support, and high quality materials help assure installations to specs
  • White, Almond, Tan, and Grey WeepVent contain ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers to resist sun damage

WeepVent is most effective when installed in combination with MortarNetHouseNet, LathNet or WallNet. Click on each name to learn more.

Available in Brown, Tan, Red, Almond, White, Gray, Black, and Pebble
Now available in sheets!