LathNet is a metal lath and drainage plane system that provides a continuous drainage plane between the lath and weather resistant barrier.  Now available with a NEW structured strand polymer mesh that significantly increases ventilation behind the veneer.

The Masonry Advisory Council recommends that in exterior adhered masonry wall systems, a drainage mat be installed to drain any water that has penetrated to the flashing. A galvanized expanded metal lath, or diamond mesh, should be attached atop the drainage mat.


  • Factory-assembled combination of mesh drainage plane and metal lath
  • Metal lath:  Self-furring 2.5 lb. G-60 galvanized expanded steel.
    • L:  97″ +1.5 -0   W:  27″ +/-0.375   T:  0.25″
  • Drainage mesh: NEW structured strand polymer drainage mesh offers up to 5 times greater airflow to allow for better ventilation
    • L:  95.5″ +/-0.5   W:  25.5″ +/- 0.25   T:  0.25″
  • Shipped in banded bundles of 10 sheets

Available Options

  • 3.4 lb., self-furring dimpled steel mesh
  • 0.4″ (10 mm) drainage mesh thickness

Available Accessories

  • Weep sill screed
    • 10′ length, 26 gauge G60 galvanized steel
  • Expanded corner bead
    • 10′ length
  • Double-V control joint
    • 10′ length


  • Faster, easier installation than installing a drainage plane and lath separately
  • Installs like standard metal lath, no new installation skills or tools necessary
  • Combines proven components in an engineered and tested system
  • Clearly shows 1” minimum lath overlap
  • Promotes full lath encapsulation without clogging the drainage plane
  • Drainage mesh provides an effective mortar barrier
  • Self-furring
  • Drainage mesh edges butt together to form a continuous drainage plane
  • Lath is 2.5 lb dimpled, diamond mesh G-60 galvanized expanded steel for high strength and corrosion resistance
  • Drainage plane is a structural strand polymer mesh that allows unrestricted flow of moisture to the weep holes
  • Assembled in the USA from 100% USA-made materials
  • Conforms to ASTM C847 Size
Now available with NEW DriWall mesh
Installation Video
lathnet cmu insulation
Detail Drawing
BD&C Top 101 Products 2016
Building Design & Construction names LathNet one of the top 101 new products for 2016