BTL-1 is a synthetic rubber sealant that is ideal for most construction applications.  It produces high-performance joints with both high strength and elasticity.  BTL-1 bonds aggressively to steel, aluminum, ceramics, wood, Kynar® -coated metal, glass, fiberglass and many plastics.


  • Single component, moisture cure
  • 10.3 oz. tubes
  • Silicone and isocyanate free
  • Permanently elastic and tacky
  • Freeze and thaw stable
  • Black base color
  • Low VOC – less than 20g/L (EPA Method 24)


  • No mixing necessary, use right out of the tube
  • No primer required
  • Odor free
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Extremely low shrinkage
  • Excellent weathering characteristics

Specially formulated to be used as part of the TotalFlash® Cavity Wall Drainage Solution or may be used on any project where a butyl sealant is appropriate.  Provides excellent adhesion and sealing between aluminum, steel, wood, vinyl, mortar, stone and plastics, including TPO.


btl-1 butyl sealant