Mortar Net Solutions offers a variety of free services that make jobs using Mortar Net products go smoother, faster, and with fewer headaches.

For contractors, architects and consultants:

  • Takeoff service and bid help on TotalFlash jobs
  • Custom TotalFlash panel cutting for wall openings to significantly reduce installation time, and labor and equipment rental costs
  • Pre-construction consultation
  • In-office product demonstrations
  • Phone and on-site product installation training
  • Engineering, flashing detail, sealant and wall drainage advice
  • Adhered veneer details consultation
  • Mockup wall materials and advice
  • BlockFlash pan requirement calculations
  • Complete product submittal packages
  • Distributor locations
  • Lunch-and-learn scheduling
  • Literature and product samples


For distributors:

  • Shipping advice to determine the most cost-effective and efficient shipping options
  • Discount advice to create the most cost savings/order
  • Rapid delivery of products for last-minute orders
  • Rapid turn-around of custom orders
  • TotalFlash configuration and pricing help
  • BlockFlash pan amounts/job
  • Customized job searches in each distributor’s area