• Masonry Magazine

    July 2012 – Seeing is Understanding

    All information shared is only as good as the person communicating the concern. For example, when I am explaining a masonry situation that requires some assistance from a more experienced co-worker, I need to be on my game. I have access to a variety of expertise at my fingertips - people who could jump in a truck and come to a jobsite without adding expense to my job. That is what we all need: someone there who can help.

    Learn how Mortar Net Solutions is using video to help masons meet job-site challenges
  • March 2005 – Children’s Health

    Previous studies of how parental atopy and exposure to dampness and molds contribute to the risk of asthma have been mainly cross-sectional or prevalent case-control studies, where selection and information bias and temporarily constitute problems. We assessed longitudinally the independent and joint effects of parental atopy and exposure to molds in dwellings on the development of asthma in childhood.

    Learn why it's so important to prevent mold