Drainage and ventilation are needed to achieve high performance, long lasting anchored masonry veneer walls.  Mortar Net Solutions has applied its decades of experience in moisture management to create an integrated, factory assembled system that brings together rigid insulation and WallNet™ drainage mesh into a single, easy to install unit.  WallNet+ helps prevent mold growth and moisture damage by providing an open drainage path to the weep system and air flow to promote drying from the back.


  • System pre-assembled into 4′ x 8′ sheets
  • Scored to allow separation into 16″ x 8′ pieces for easy insertion between brick anchors
  • Insulation and mesh available in multiple thicknesses
  • Mesh is >90% open polyester high loft non-woven
  • Mesh conforms to ASTM E2925-14 (including air flow, water drainage, and mold and fungi resistance)
  • Assembled in the USA from 100% USA-made materials


  • Easier, faster installation compared to individual insulation and drainage components
  • Combines proven components into an engineered and tested system
  • Availability of thin mesh allows installation of the system in smaller than desired cavities
  • Helps prevent moisture related wall failures
  • Mesh is an effective mortar break that prevents mortar bridges and improves thermal performance
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