The patented TotalFlash Cavity Wall Drainage Solution is a complete, factory-assembled masonry cavity wall flashing system that cuts labor costs and provides better performance than standard through wall flashing.

It combines a flashing membrane with a mortar dropping collection drainage mat, weep tabs, drip edge and termination bar into a single, easy-to-install panel.

TotalFlash is suitable for use at all flashing locations, including base of wall, above exterior wall openings and bond beams, in parapet walls, and wherever flashing is desirable.

And TotalFlash is more than just a product.  Every TotalFlash job includes free services to help make purchasing and installation headache-free, including expert takeoffs, bid help and custom panel sizing for wall openings.

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Watch: Cuts flashing system installation time at least in half


  • Sold in boxes of 10 pre-assembled 5’ 6” panels (5’ net/panel, 50’ net/box)
  • 90% open-weave polyester mesh mortar dropping collection mat and weep tabs
  • 18” standard height
  • Additional available sizes: 12”, 24” (Custom sizes available on request)
  • Customizable with 5 membranes, 6 drip edges, and 3 termination bars
  • FREE takeoff service on awarded jobs, custom panel sizing, and bid and installation help


  • Proven to cut installation time by at least 50% versus field-installed through wall flashing pieces and parts
  • FREE takeoff service on awarded projects guarantees delivery of the right types and quantities of TotalFlash and components
  • One stop shopping means no job slow-downs waiting for separate items to be delivered
  • Significant reduction in flashing installation time and expense on large projects by using 50′ rolls for long runs combined with pre-assembled panels custom-sized for repetitive openings
  • Proven overlap and termination method quickly and easily creates air- and water-tight lap joints and terminations
  • Termination bar has pre-drilled holes every 6 inches for easy installation
  • Integrated weep tabs will not clog from mortar droppings and prevent insects from entering the cavity
  • Ideal for restoration projects with a variety of standard and custom sizes
  • Clear instructions, extensive product support, simple, fast installation and high quality materials helps assure leak-proof installations to specs

CompleteFlash™ 14″ inside/outside preformed High Corner Boots and end dams, preformed metal 90outside drip edge corners, metal adjustable drip edge corners, and BTL-1 sealant sold separately.


TotalFlash Testimonial from Yates Construction