The patented TotalFlash Roll Cavity Wall Drainage Solution is a factory-assembled masonry cavity wall flashing system that provides better performance than standard through wall flashing.  It combines a flashing membrane, mortar dropping collection drainage mat, and drainage mesh weep tabs into a single, easy-to-install 50′ roll.  It provides superior moisture protection, slashes labor costs, and can be custom configured for your job, usually at no additional charge.


  • Sold in 50′ rolls
  • 90% open-weave polyester mesh mortar dropping collection mat and weep tabs
  • 18″ standard height.  12″, 24″, and other custom heights available upon request
  • Standard membranes:  ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) and rubberized asphalt (peel-and-stick).  Other select membranes available upon request.
  • Drip edges, termination bars, and termination bar mounting screws available separately


  • One stop shopping means no job slow-downs waiting for separate items to be delivered
  • Significantly faster installation time than standard through wall flashing
  • Proven overlap and termination method quickly and easily creates air- and water-tight lap joints and terminations
  • Integrated weep tabs will not clog from mortar droppings and prevent insects from entering the cavity
  • Ideal for restoration projects with a variety of standard and custom sizes
  • Clear instructions, extensive product support, simple, fast installation and high quality materials helps assure leak-proof installations to specs

CompleteFlash™ 14″ inside/outside preformed High Corner Boots and end dams, preformed metal 90outside drip edge corners, metal adjustable drip edge corners, and BTL-1 sealants sold separately.