BlockFlash™ is a tough, lightweight, embeddable flashing system for exterior single-wythe CMU wall systems suitable for use at all flashing/weep vent locations, including base of wall, above door and window openings, above bond beams, in parapet walls, and wherever flashing is desirable.  It provides 10 times greater bond at the exterior bed joint than a through-wall membrane system, with no water penetration, no by-pass, and rapid expulsion of moisture.  Recycled Content BlockFlash Pans:  40% Pre-Consumer Material BlockFlash Drainage Mat:  40% Pre-Consumer Material

Short Form Specification

Install CMU cell flashing pans with built-in adjoining bridge made from recycled polypropylene.  Flashing pans have a sloped design to direct moisture to the integrated weep spout.  Designed to be built into mortar bed joints to expel moisture (unimpeded by mortar droppings) to the exterior of CMU walls.  Drainage Mats included and Insect Guard factory-installed.

Product: Subject to compliance with requirements, provide “BlockFlash™” as manufactured by MortarNet Solutions™.

Specifier Note:  BlockFlash™ is a high-density polypropylene composition molded into a .0625 inch thick (1.59 mm) flashing pan with .3125 inch (7.94 mm) perimeter flanges.  The .0625 inch (1.59 mm) concaved weep spout with a .20 inch (5.08 mm) x .64 inch (16.26 mm) opening and a 45 degree drip edge extends 1.0 inch (25.4 mm) from the outer flange.  The inner and outer flanges are spaced to allow for 1.0 inch of mortar bond between the upper and lower course of CMU in 6″, 8″, 10″, or 12″ wall systems.  The weep spout ceiling extends 3.5 inches (88.9 mm) from the outer flange into the center of the pan and acts to suspend mortar, keeping the weep channel clear.  BlockFlash™ is impervious to water.