WallNet® is a lightweight sheet of tough, 90% open weave polyester mesh drainage fabric for use behind thin brick, thin stone, manufactured stone, dimensional stone, random rectangular stone and stucco.  It creates an air space between the veneer and the structural wall that allows moisture to migrate to the weep holes and out of the building, and allows air to move behind the veneer to promote drying.  Its flexible sheets conform to any surface for easy installation.

Short Form Specification

Provide a 90% porous polyester mesh in a thickness of 1/4″ applied against wall substrate to maintain continuous air and moisture flow behind applied veneer.

Product:  Subject to compliance with requirements, provide WallNet® as manufactured by Mortar Net Solutions™.

Specifier Note:  WallNet® is made of recycled polyester (1/4″ is 40 % pre-consumer recycled content) with anti-microbial additives to control mold growth.  This material will not oxidize, rot, promote mold or fungus, or react with other common building materials such as mortar, cement, asphalt, modified bitumen, PVC, copper, or galvanized metal, thereby ensuring long-term performance for all materials.

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