1. Weather Resistive Barrier Install weather resistive barrier (WRB) over sheathing consulting applicable building codes.  Provide minimum 6″ vertical laps and 3″ horizontal laps.  Lap WRB over weep screed.  Begin WRB install at base of wall and lap subsequent sheets over the sheet below.
  2. Install WallNet after windows and doors are installed.  Begin at the base of the wall and unroll and fasten using staples (min. 1/2″) or using wrap cap screws or nails at a spacing of 1 anchor per 3 sq. ft. of wall area.  Install WallNet in a shingle style on vertical and horizontal joints, staggering vertical seams.
  3. Install galvanized metal lath according to applicable building code and stone veneer manufacturer’s instructions.  Fasteners are required to be located at stud locations and must penetrate studs a minimum of 1″.  Be sure to take into account the depth of the WallNet when specifying fastener length.
  4. Install scratch coat and mortar bed per manufacturer.
  5. Thin Stone Veneer/Manufactured Stone/Stucco