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AVITRU MasterSpec Section 072500 Weather Barriers - Download DOC
WallNet Short Specification - Download PDF
WallNet Master Specification - Download PDF
WallNet Short Specification - Download DOCX
WallNet Master Specification - Download DOCX

Short Specification

04 05 25

Masonry Accessories

Mortar Deflection Mat

WallNet®:  Provide a 90% porous polyester mesh in thicknesses of 1/4”, 0.4”, 1.0”and 2” applied against wall substrate to maintain continuous air and moisture flow behind applied veneer.


Mortar Net Solutions™

6575 Daniel Burnham Drive, Suite G, Portage, IN  46368

Telephone:(800) 664-6638

Fax: (219) 787-5088

Email: info@mortarnet.com

Website: www.mortarnet.com