HouseNet helps prevent moisture damage to masonry cavity walls by preventing mortar droppings from blocking the weep holes and by providing hundreds of clear drainage pathways that allow moisture to flow to the weeps.  Its open mesh also allows air movement to help equalize pressure and dry the cavity.  HouseNet should be used in conjunction with WeepVent™ or CellVent™ by Mortar Net Solutions™

Short Form Specification

Provide recycled polyester mesh dovetail configuration with continuous bottom strip to maintain airflow and drainage while suspending mortar droppings at unequal heights.  Provide one or more thickness as required to fill cavity width.  Install per manufacturer’s instructions.

Product:  Subject to compliance with requirements, provide HouseNet™with Insect Barrier™ by Mortar Net Solutions™.

Specifier Note:  HouseNet™ with Insect Barrier™ is made of 50% recycled polyester of which a minimum is 17% post consumer and 33 % pre-consumer, with an anti-microbial additive.  Clean, non-toxic, and will not oxidize or react with common building materials.  The void volume of these 2″, 1″, and ⅜” products is approximately 99% with only 1% solidity.  *2″ HouseNet not available with Insect Barrier.  HouseNet™ with Insect Barrier™ is patented, US Patent Reissue #36676

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*2″ HouseNet is not available with Insect Barrier