1. After the first one to two courses of bricks are liad, place a continuous row of HouseNet in cavity or collar joint on flashing (trapezoidal side up) against inside of outer wythe at base of wall.
  2. Install Housenet directly on flashing at base of wall, above doors, windows, and other openings, and in flashed areas.
  3. Install HouseNet at every floor level.  For wall-cavities that exceed 9′ in height, place an additional continuous trapezoidal strip on wall reinforcing anchors/ties at every 9′ of wall height.
  4. Flashing should extend to at least 6″ above the top of HouseNet.
  5. HouseNet should touch both cavity surfaces – trapezoidal side up.  HouseNet is compressible to allow for variations in wall-cavity widths.

*2″ HouseNet not available with Insect Barrier