Masonry contractor sitting on giant bricks doing social marketing on a laptopEvery year, industry professionals get together for the World of Concrete. Managers, designers, masons and other professionals meet and greet while learning about industry trends and new products hitting the market. The upcoming event in Las Vegas in January 2018 promises to be an amazing gathering of the top players in the industry. Anybody that attends should be sure to check out 5 highlights that will improve their experience.


1. Continuing Education
Masons need to continue their training every year to keep up their certification and master certification. This enables them to validate their knowledge and credibility. The conference will have over 150 continuing education opportunities for masons and designers. These include concrete production, concrete fundamentals, concrete repair and many more. Masons with interests in slabs, granite and other stones will have an opportunity to find the course that fits their needs. All topics have industry renowned speakers teaching courses.

2. CIM Silent and Live Auction
The Concrete Industry Management association is one of the largest industry groups. CIM also loves to give back to support the next generation of masons enter the industry. Already, the group has provided more than $5 million to four designated universities that are actively teaching the best and brightest. The auction will have cool and innovative prizes with all proceeds going to support education.

The CIM has a tradition of meeting at the World of Concrete to help plan events, education and major initiatives for the coming year. The annual silent auction is the culmination of this planning.

3. ROI Center
Entrepreneurial masons and concrete companies are always trying to improve their business. While costs are going up all the time, getting new business continues to be difficult. Executives have to determine where they want to place their investment dollars to get the biggest bang for the buck in their business. They have to determine which marketing efforts work, which supplies produce the greatest value and which cost structures are optimal. The World of Concrete has a special ROI center and education series to help concrete company management teams get the most out of their businesses.

4. Skills Challenge
Everybody wants to prove that they are the best mason in the business. The Bronze Lot Mason Skills Challenge gives attendees the chance to prove their worth. There are a number of different levels and competitions in the skills challenge. First of all, there is an apprentice challenge where new masons are given surprise projects to complete on the spot and then receive judging.
There are a number of other competitions depending on the different specialties. These include MCAA’s Fastest Trowel on the Block, SPEC MIX Toughest Tender® and finally the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500®.
The competitive area also has demonstrations of new techniques and products. It includes demonstrations and public lectures.

5. Mortar Net Solutions in the Innovation Zone Gold Lot
Mortar Net Solutions has an amazing assortment of new products that really set them apart from many of the other vendors. They have a first-rate R&D team that are bringing products to the market that are truly differentiated. Their team will be set-up in the Innovation Zone Gold Lot displaying products installed in full-size walls. One product is the DriPlan Rainscreen Drainage System which allows continuous drainage and drying behind adhered masonry. Another product is the Custom Cut Drip Edges which make an exact fit around architectural details which is much more efficient.

Overall, the World of Concrete should be an amazing event that brings together the leaders in the industry. Masons and managers will learn about the top new products and solutions in the industry. They should be especially cognizant of the 5 highlights mentioned above.

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