WeepVent for masonry cavity walls helps ensure that moisture can migrate out and air can circulate into the cavity, and that insects can’t enter the cavity through the weep holes.  The product’s compressibility means it can completely fill the weep holes, and “prickly adhesion” holds the weep vent in place without fasteners or adhesives.

Short Form Spec

Provide UV Stable recycled polyester mesh, rectangular shape, inserted in brick cavity wall open head joint.  Match color selection with mortar color.  Available in eight colors:  brown, tan, red, almond, white, gray, black, and pebble (New).  Install per manufacturers’ instructions.

Product:  Subject to compliance with requirements, provide WeepVent™ by Mortar Net Solutions™.

Specifier Note:  WeepVent™ are manufactured of UV resistant, 50% recycled polyester mesh (17% post-consumer and 33% pre-consumer).  This 90% open mesh is bonded with a flame-retardant adhesive to provide resilience and strength.

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