DriPlane helps masons and designers build drier, more trouble-free walls by providing continuous drainage and drying behind most types of adhered masonry and rainscreen walls.

The Masonry Advisory Council recommends that in exterior adhered masonry wall systems, a drainage mat be installed to drain any water that has penetrated to the flashing. A galvanized expanded metal lath, or diamond mesh, should be attached atop the drainage mat.


  • Polypropylene mesh bonded to a water and vapor-permeable fabric
  • Convenient 48” rolls for rapid coverage and fewer seams
  • Available in ⅜” (10mm)
  • Unique UV-resistant packaging protects DriPlane rolls from degradation
  • Extra-large product labels are easy to read from a distance


  • 90% open-weave and vapor permeable fabric allows rapid drainage and drying
  • Helps prevents peeling, cracking or blistering of exterior finishes by allowing them to dry quickly and completely from the back
  • Easy to install using familiar tools
  • Will not absorb moisture
  • 100% inert material provides no food source for mold, mildew or bacteria
  • Allows complete encapsulation of metal lath in adhered masonry applications
  • Acts as a mortar break between adhered masonry base coat and weather resistant barrier (WRB)
  • Allows siding and veneers to move independently of the structural wall to help prevent damage due to variations in expansion/contraction rates of wall components
  • Allows rapid pressure equalization to prevent air pressure-driven water infiltration
DriPlane metal stud wall with brick veneer
DriPlane Metal Stud Wall with Brick Veneer
DriPlane wood stud wall with cement lap siding
DriPlane Wood Stud Wall with Cement Lap Siding