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  1. After the first one or two courses of bricks are laid, place a continuous row of WallDefender in cavity or collar joint on flashing (trapezoidal side up) against inside of outer wythe at base of wall.
  2. Install WallDefender directly on flashing at base of wall, over all wall openings, shelf angles, sills and lintels.
  3. Install WallDefender at every floor level.  For wall cavities that exceed 11′ in height, place an additional continuous trapezoidal strip on wall reinforcing anchors/ties at every 9′ to 11′ of wall height.
  4. Flashing should extend at least 6″ above the top of WallDefender, as should any other materials used to fill space between WallDefender and inside cavity surface.
  5. If 1″, 1 ½” or 2″ thick WallDefender is used, no more than 1/4″ should be left between WallDefender and cavity’s inside surface.  When used alone, 0.4″ WallDefender should touch both cavity surfaces.  It can be used as filler with other widths of WallDefender, with the trapezoidal sides up and the trapezoids of all thicknesses aligned with each other.  WallDefender is compressible to allow for variations in wall cavity widths.