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TotalFlash EPDM Panel Submittal - Download PDF
TotalFlash Rubberized Asphalt Panel Submittal - Download PDF
TotalFlash Thermoplastic Polyolefin Panel Submittal - Download PDF
TotalFlash Thermoplastic Vinyl Panel Submittal - Download PDF
TotalFlash Copper Laminate Panel Submittal - Download PDF
TotalFlash 304 Stainless Steel Panel Submittal - Download PDF
TotalFlash 304 Stainless Steel Self Adhering Panel Submittal - Download PDF


TotalFlash® Cavity Wall Drainage Solution is a fully integrated flashing & drainage system, pre-assembled onto easily installed 5-1/2-foot (5-foot net) panels of flexible flashing.  TotalFlash is suitable for use at all flashing locations, including base of wall, above exterior wall openings and bond beams, in parapet walls, and wherever flashing is desirable.

Options include: 45-mil EPDM, 40-mil Rubberized Asphalt; 40-mil Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO); High Performance Thermoplastic Vinyl; or 5-ounce Copper Laminate.  Unitized system includes a PVC or stainless steel termination bar, a mesh drainage layer, weep tabs, and a choice of 28 gauge stainless steel, 24 gauge cold rolled copper, or 24 gauge Kynar®-finished galvanized steel drip edge.  Each 5-1/2-foot panel includes a precisely defined 6-inch lap joint clearly marked to show where to place the adhesive beads and a built-in vertical edge dam for greater moisture protection.  One panel is designed as a starter panel and is included in every box of TotalFlash along with 100 self-tapping #14 x 2″ hex screws with self-sealing gaskets.

To complete the TotalFlash® Cavity Wall Drainage Solution, stainless steel, cold rolled copper or Kynar®-finish outside corners, 14″ preformed inside and outside corner boots, and universal end dams may be ordered separately.

Short Form Specification

Install all-inclusive flashing/drainage system with adhered Cavity Drainage/Mortar Collection Material, Drip Edge, Termination Bar, Weep Tabs with included Fasteners.  Replaces the requirements for Flashing, Weeps, Mortar Collection products, Drip Edge and Termination Bar.

Product:  Subject to compliance with requirements, provide “TOTALFLASH® by Mortar Net Solutions™

Specifier Note:  The TotalFlash® Cavity Wall Drainage Solution includes an 18″ (457 mm), 45-mil EPDM, 40-mil membrane of High Performance Thermoplastic Vinyl, 40-mil Rubberized Asphalt, 40-mil Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO), or 5-ounce Copper Laminate ; recycled polyester 3/16″ x 10″ MortarNet® drainage mat; drip edge choices of 28-gauge 304 stainless steel, 24-gauge cold rolled copper or 24-gauge Kynar®-finish galvanized steel; colors include Almond, Terra-Cotta, Gray and Tan (all options available separately in 5′ lengths); high strength corrosion and UV resistant plastic termination bar or 16-gauge stainless steel termination bar is also available; and no-clog weep tabs.  Self-tapping hex head screws are #14 x 2″.  14″ preformed inside and outside corner boots and universal end dams are made of high performance membranes.

Each submittal package above is specific to a particular membrane mentioned in each link.


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