Mortar Net Solutions offers masonry instructors a sample pack of material to be used for educational purposes.

(3) 5′ Strips of MortarNet with Insect Barrier

(3) 5′ TotalFlash Panels

(2) Inside/Outside Corner Boots

(4) Universal End Dams

(2) Stainless Steel Outside Corners

(10) 8″ BlockFlash with Mesh Inserts

(1) 10′ strip of 1/4″ DriPlane

(1) 10′ strip of 1/4″ WallNet

Sample Pack of WeepVent and CellVent

(5) Hats (if available)

Assortment of Line Blocks/Twigs

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To request a sample pack email Steven Fechino ( or call 219-850-4514.