The International Masonry Institute (IMI) position on the value of designing sustainable masonry cavity walls as systems rather than as a grouping of individual components reinforces the value of designing and building with CavityComplete. CavityComplete is the first and only tested and warrantied total cavity wall system.

CavityComplete includes Mortar Net Solutions products MortarNet, TotalFlash, CompleteFlash and WeepVent.

According to IMI: “Masonry systems provide maximum contribution when they are recognized as a system. The masonry system addresses moisture penetration, air infiltration, thermal performance and life-long resiliency. Therefore, in the case of a masonry solution, we are talking about much more than the installation of a finished material and are instead focused on the delivery of a high performing system that continues to provide payback to the owner in terms of energy and maintenance costs. Masonry systems are the most cost-effective options to arrive at energy-efficient and environmentally healthy buildings today.”

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