hurricane damage windAccording to an article published in the August 30, 2017 edition of Masonry Construction, the immense destruction caused by the recent hurricanes will have a wide-reaching effect on masonry construction. There simply are not enough skilled masonry workers to rebuild in the most devastated areas. Texas is traditionally a very strong state for masonry, and some parts of Florida use masonry too, including single-wythe construction. While demand for masonry workers means those who have the skills can get jobs easily, it also means that designers and builders will, out of economic necessity, start converting to construction methods other than masonry. And once a designer finds design options that work just as well as masonry, such as wood, tilt-up, and rainscreen systems, but which can be built by the available worker pool, masonry jobs will disappear forever. If the masonry industry is to continue to be healthy, it is vital that industry associations and mason training schools significantly increase their efforts to recruit and train the next generation of skilled masonry workers. Read the Masonry Construction article at the link below.

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