hurricane-irma-destruction-damage-floridaIf you’re a contractor who’s part of or will be part of the rebuild process in places like Texas and Florida, areas that have been devastated by hurricanes, you can improve your level of customer service and your reputation by educating yourself about ways to reinforce masonry buildings so they’re much more wind-resistant. Reinforcing steel in vertical sections of the wall, solid bond beams at the top of the wall tied to the foundation by rebar, and an extremely strong connection to the roof all make the entire building more wind resistant.  Don’t just rebuild to original standards. Help your customers understand that if they’re in a hurricane-prone area, they need to spend a bit more money to ensure their homes and businesses can survive hurricanes with minimal damage. A few extra dollars spent during the rebuild process not only prevents major rebuild costs the next time a hurricane comes through, but may save lives by preventing a building from collapsing on its occupants. Learn more about how to build a hurricane-resistant structure at the link below.

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