Mortar Net Solutions™, formerly Mortar Net® USA, Ltd. develops, distributes and supports innovative moisture management solutions for masonry construction.

The company was founded in 1992 by Tom Sourlis and Colin Munro.  Sourlis has over 25 years of experience as a mason with extensive architectural training from the Illinois Institute of Technology and Munro is a masonry industry expert with over 45 years of experience, including research, teaching, technical consultation, manufacturing, marketing, and contracting.  He has guest lectured at several universities.  He is a member of AIA, CSI, and The Masonry Society of which he was a past chairman of Committee C-15: Manufactured Masonry Units and is an honorary member of the Bricklayers & Allied Craftsmen International Union.  He recently became a Fellow of ASTM and received their Award of Merit.

Sourlis knew how expensive it is to tear apart a wall, clear the cavity and rebuild it. As a response to seeing what water damage can do to a building, Sourlis invented MortarNet and patented its ability to collect mortar on multiple levels.  He took the concept to Munro to get his opinion. Munro’s reaction was, “Finally! A real, workable solution to a very destructive problem.”  This endorsement by an expert known as widely as Munro helped to propel the company and its innovative solution from idea to industry-leading product.

In addition to the patented mortar collection device, MortarNet®, Mortar Net has developed new proprietary solutions for masonry construction that include TotalFlash®, BlockFlash®, BlockNet®, HouseNet®, WallNet™, WeepVent™, CellVent™, and LathNet™.  Mortar Net Solutions is also one of five partner companies which are developing and marketing the CavityComplete line of wall systems.  The company constantly seeks to identify opportunities to add to its product offering by creating new solutions that enhance the durability and beauty of masonry construction.

From its founding the company has made a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.  Recycled materials make up a large proportion of Mortar Net Solutions’ products.  Low VOC compounds are identified and promoted for use with the company’s products.  Sustainability is an important outcome of using solutions developed by Mortar Net Solutions that extend the useful life of masonry structures by reducing susceptibility to moisture damage and insect infestation.

From its days as a fledgling startup the company has grown to include well-qualified and experienced executive, marketing and technical team members who have developed and brought to market a series of innovative solutions that continue to aid masons and architects in their commitment to the creation of beautiful and durable structures.