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New custom cut metal drip edges from Mortar Net Solutions provide an exact fit around architectural details, significantly reduce installation time and waste, and provide clean, continuous corners with no sharp edges. Metal drip edges can be very time consuming to create and install around architectural details such as chimneys, pillars and decorative features. Until now, field-cutting them was the only way to provide drip edges around these details, and field-cutting often creates a gap and sharp edges at the corners. If the corners are not 900, they are even more difficult to cut accurately. Mortar Net’s new custom drip edges are shop-cut to conform exactly to the building’s details and arrive at the job site in easy-to-handle straight sections that can easily be bent around the details. Custom cut drip edges are fully compatible with Mortar Net’s TotalFlash and CompleteFlash flashing systems. They allow masons to spend far less time installing flashing so they can quickly get back to laying brick.

For more details and pricing, email or call 219-850-4505. Click here for the product overview page.

Building Design & Construction magazine included LathNet in its December, 2016 list of 101 best products introduced during the previous 18 months. Considering how many new products are introduced each year, BD&C must consider LathNet to be pretty special.

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Mortar Net Solutions introduced DriPlane at the World of Concrete tradeshow this past January. DriPlane helps masons and designers build drier, more trouble-free walls by providing continuous drainage and drying behind most types of adhered masonry and rainscreen walls.  The standard ¼” thick product is a polypropylene mesh bonded to a moisture- and vapor-permeable fabric. It is attached between the veneer and weather resistant barrier and is also available in ⅜ (10mm) and ¾” thicknesses. Click here to learn more.

PROSOCO, Inc., a national manufacturer that produces building envelope solutions, joined the CavityComplete® Wall Systems team effective November 15, 2016. As the new air and moisture barrier partner, PROSOCO will contribute category-leading components that have been tested and proven to work together with existing system solutions to help manage air, vapor and water movement.

“PROSOCO brings an extraordinary range of expertise and high quality products that will help the CavityComplete® Wall System continue to meet architect needs for compatible, code-compliant, and limited warranted* wall systems,” said Herbert Slone, Chief Architect for Owens Corning.

“PROSOCO has long had a strong commitment to innovation and exceeding standards for quality and efficiency in the air and water barrier market,” said Brian Koenings, director of sales and marketing for PROSOCO. “Our decision to collaborate with Cavity Complete further underscores that commitment as we proudly join other best-in-class manufacturers to provide what is undoubtedly a superior wall system.”

As PROSOCO is integrated into the program, will temporarily have limited content as materials are updated. Installation instructions and other support materials featuring PROSOCO solutions will become available on the revised site within the next few months. However, as of now, all information necessary to specify CavityComplete® with PROSOCO products is available on the website.

All CavityComplete® components, including PROSOCO air barrier solutions, are currently available through a nationwide network of building materials distributors. For more information or to ask a specific question related to this change, please call 844-CAV-COMP (844-228-2667) or email

Mortar Net Solutions offers a variety of free services that make jobs using Mortar Net products go smoother, faster, and with fewer headaches.

For contractors, architects and consultants:

  • Takeoff service and bid help on TotalFlash jobs
  • Custom TotalFlash panel cutting for wall openings to significantly reduce installation time, and labor and equipment rental costs
  • Pre-construction consultation
  • In-office product demonstrations
  • Phone and on-site product installation training
  • Engineering, flashing detail, sealant and wall drainage advice
  • Adhered veneer details consultation
  • Mockup wall materials and advice
  • BlockFlash pan requirement calculations
  • Complete product submittal packages
  • Distributor locations
  • Lunch-and-learn scheduling
  • Literature and product samples


For distributors:

  • Shipping advice to determine the most cost-effective and efficient shipping options
  • Discount advice to create the most cost savings/order
  • Rapid delivery of products for last-minute orders
  • Rapid turn-around of custom orders
  • TotalFlash configuration and pricing help
  • BlockFlash pan amounts/job
  • Customized job searches in each distributor’s area


Installing a masonry cavity wall flashing system? The TotalFlash cavity wall drainage solution saves you time and reduces headaches, and our free takeoff service saves you even more time. Send us yor plans and we will send you exactly how many TotalFlash panels and CompleteFlash 14-inch High Corner Boots and end dams you will need. Plus we will precut all your TotalFlash panels for your exterior wall openings at no charge, making it easy for one worker to quickly and easily install flashing over wall openings. Email, or call 219-850-4514 to learn how to use this valuable, free service.