New custom cut metal drip edges from Mortar Net Solutions provide an exact fit around architectural details, significantly reduce installation time and waste, and provide clean, continuous corners with no sharp edges. Metal drip edges can be very time consuming to create and install around architectural details such as chimneys, pillars and decorative features. Until now, field-cutting them was the only way to provide drip edges around these details, and field-cutting often creates a gap and sharp edges at the corners. If the corners are not 900, they are even more difficult to cut accurately. Mortar Net’s new custom drip edges are shop-cut to conform exactly to the building’s details and arrive at the job site in easy-to-handle straight sections that can easily be bent around the details. Custom cut drip edges are fully compatible with Mortar Net’s TotalFlash and CompleteFlash flashing systems. They allow masons to spend far less time installing flashing so they can quickly get back to laying brick.

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