CellVent is a key component of a masonry cavity wall drainage system.  It allows moisture to drain from the cavity while restricting insects and debris from entering the cavity.  It also allows air to move in and out of the cavity, which helps prevent air pressure differentials that can force moisture into the cavity and which allows the wall to dry properly.

CellVent are fabricated from durable polypropelyene and are UV resistant for long life.  They are available in 7 colors to complement most wall designs.

Short Form Specification

Subject to compliance with requirements, provide UV stable polypropylene copolymer rectangular in shape, inserted in brick cavity wall open head joint.  Match color selection with mortar color.  Available in seven colors: Black, Brown, Cocoa, Tan, Gray, White, Clear. CellVent™ by Mortar Net Solutions™ should be installed only by experienced masons, waterproofers or general contractors in properly specified weep hole systems.

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