BlockNet® reliably protects single-wythe concrete block walls from damage caused by water infiltration, providing an open path for water to migrate to the exterior of the building.  The stainless steel flashing strips with mesh material, integrated weep tabs, and vertical mesh elements form a continuous drainage system around the entire perimeter of a concrete block building.  Install BlockNet as close to the foundation as possible but not above the interior floor.  BlockNet can be used over wall openings, bond beams, and structural steel members if the ends are properly dammed.  BlockNet is suitable for all wall thicknesses.

Short Form Specification

Stainless steel drainage strip with integrated drip edge, adhered horizontal mesh, rear water dam, and 90 percent open weave polyester vertical mesh elements.  Install per manufacturer’s instructions.
Product:  Subject to compliance with requirements, provide BlockNet® by Mortar Net Solutions™.

Specifier Note:  BlockNet® system is composed of specialty shaped 3-3/8″ deep 28-gauge stainless steel drainage strips with integrated drip edge, 1/8″ thick adhered horizontal mesh element, and rear water dam.  The second part of this two-part system is the separate vertical mesh elements that wick moisture past mortar droppings and on to the horizontal mesh element.  One 1/4″ thick 7″ x 7″ vertical element is placed in each individual block core against the face of the core, forming a “U” shape and comes in contact with the horizontal mesh on the stainless steel drainage strip.  The horizontal and vertical mesh is a 90% open weave polyester that will not oxidize, rot, promote mold or fungus growth, or react with other common building materials.

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