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DriPlane wood stud wall with cement lap siding

Introducing DriPlane Rainscreen Drainage System

Mortar Net Solutions introduced DriPlane at the World of Concrete tradeshow this past January. DriPlane helps masons and designers build drier, more trouble-free walls by providing continuous drainage and drying behind most types of adhered masonry and rainscreen walls. The standard ¼” thick product is a polypropylene mesh bonded to a moisture- and vapor-permeable fabric. It is attached between the veneer and weather resistant barrier and is also available in ⅜ (10mm) and ¾” thicknesses.

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Top 7 Reasons to Include a Drainage…Whitepaper

If you are interested in receiving a copy of our whitepaper, “Top 7 Reasons to Include a Drainage and Ventilation Plane in Adhered Masonry Walls”, please fill out short form after clicking on “read more”.

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Introducing Custom Cut Drip Edges

New custom cut metal drip edges from Mortar Net Solutions provide an exact fit around architectural details, significantly reduce installation time and waste, and provide clean, continuous corners with no sharp edges. Metal drip edges can be very time consuming to create and install around architectural details such as chimneys, pillars and decorative features.

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BD&C Top 101 Products 2016

BD&C names LathNet to top 101 products list

Building Design & Construction magazine included LathNet in its December, 2016 list of 101 best products introduced during the previous 18 months. Considering how many new products are introduced each year, BD&C must consider LathNet to be pretty special.

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CavityComplete Steel Stud Wall

CavityComplete Welcomes New Air Barrier Partner

PROSOCO, Inc., a national manufacturer that produces building envelope solutions, joined the CavityComplete® Wall Systems team effective November 15, 2016. As the new air and moisture barrier partner, PROSOCO will contribute category-leading components that have been tested and proven to work together with existing system solutions to help manage air, vapor and water movement.

“PROSOCO brings an extraordinary range of expertise and high quality products that will help the CavityComplete® Wall System…

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Architect chooses WeepVent to retrofit his own home

My home was built without a good mechanism to allow water out of my wall cavity. I chose the Mortar Net Weep Vent product because of the ease in retrofitting a weep cavity.

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Free TotalFlash takeoff service

Installing a masonry cavity wall flashing system? The TotalFlash cavity wall drainage solution saves you time and reduces headaches, and our free takeoff service saves you even more time. Send us your plans and we will send you exactly how many TotalFlash panels and CompleteFlash 14-inch High Corner Boots and end dams you will need…

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New Adhered Masonry CE Program

The continuing education program, “Designing Adhered Masonry Veneer” is now available on Architectural Record. If you design with thin brick, cast stone, stucco, or other types of adhered masonry, this course will show you…

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