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Technology has shrunk the world, and as a result today’s markets are more competitive than ever. Customers have more choices than ever before about who they buy from. And if you’re a masonry contractor, you need to compete with all the other masons out there to get yourself in front of customers’ eyeballs. That means you have to have a marketing team that’s constantly putting you and your service in front of building owners, general contractors and designers so they’re aware of you and invite you to bid at just the right time in the design or construction process. To that end, here are five ways to use technology to sell 24/7/365 and get more customers asking for and accepting your bids.

Tip #1: Be Active on Social Media

There’s a big difference between being on social media, and being active on social media. If your business has a Facebook page, a LinkedIn page, a YouTube channel and a Twitter account, that’s a good start. However, you need to consistently make quality posts and videos that engage your followers, and that encourage them to like and share. You need to interact with people, and have dialogues. Those things endear you to followers, and make you seem more human, which can make the difference between someone following you, and someone moving along to a different page. Post about your latest projects, and be sure to include pictures and video. If people have questions about masonry problems, answer them. Remember the old sales saying, “A confused mind always says no.” If you can remove your customers’ confusion about masonry or the building process, you’ll create a buying customer.

Tip #2: Embrace Content Marketing

Content marketing has grown in popularity over the years, and the idea behind it is relatively simple. A business creates content, such as blog entries, white papers, videos and webinars, and that content attracts an audience by giving them value. Then, once the audience is attracted, you market yourself to them.

As a masonry contractor, you might run features on your blog about the problems with exposed brick walls or how to properly install flashing around a window. You could also write posts about the most common terms contractors use and what they really mean, so that potential customers don’t get taken advantage of. Think of common problems or concerns customers have and provide ways to solve them. Be the person who removes a potential customer’s anxiety and you’ll be their preferred contractor, plus they’ll recommend you to others.

Be sure to use photos and video, not only of finished projects but of projects in process. Include interviews and testimonials with satisfied customers. Post your videos on YouTube and be sure to include a written transcript of each video so the search engines can find your video. They don’t see video content, only words. And don’t rely on YouTube’s transcriber, which is frequently laughably wrong.

Using content to establish your bona fides as an honest professional goes a long way to bring you to the attention of building owners, general contractors and architects. Once you have people regularly tuning in for your updates, you can give them a call to action such as “Call to request a free quote,” “Let us help you with your masonry design or bid” or “Take a tour of our latest project” to get them to hire you.

Tip #3: Attend Networking Events

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Or, more accurately, it’s who knows you. Local networking events might be hosted by the Better Business Bureau, the American Institute of Architects (AIA), International Masonry Institute (IMI) or Brick Institute of America (BIA), or even one of the large masonry distributors in your area. National events are huge conventions where everyone in your field gathers once a year. Both local and national events are great places to make the connections that will keep your business growing. Shake hands, volunteer, and plug yourself into your business community so that people think of your company first. If you’re not comfortable networking, search “Networking skills training” on YouTube and you’ll find plenty of help. Remember, if your competitors aren’t comfortable with networking and you are, you’ve got a big advantage.

Tip #4: Create A Cool Giveaway

Whether it’s a discount on someone’s next order, or just some swag with your business’s logo on it, a giveaway almost always increases your standing in someone’s mental list. We like people who give us stuff, and even if it’s relatively cheap stuff like a tee-shirt, a pen, a notebook, or something else, it doesn’t take much to buy someone’s good will, at least temporarily. For a longer-lasting impression, think of what your target customers would actually use on a day-to-day basis, which means your logo is right in front of them for a long time. At Mortar Net, we’ve gotten away from giving away lots of branded swag but still give away branded gifts with real value, like hats, safety vests and work gloves. We’re also selecting who we give it away to instead of giving it to anyone who asks. Consider gifts your customers’ spouses, kids or grandkids might like too. Gift with care, and you will get many returns on your investment.

Tip #5: Maintain an Email Marketing List

While it might not be the most glamorous form of marketing out there, email marketing still works. That’s why you should make sure you send out email regularly. But make sure they include important messages, offers, news, and deals. Remember, people don’t care about your business, they only care about what you and your business can do for them. If you give people a reason to stay on your email list, they’re more likely to read the messages, and remain active customers. If you have staff who can create a regular newsletter or the cash to hire an outside service to create one, they can be a reason to communicate with potential customers regularly. And make sure your mailing list is up to date and complete. It’s a good investment to buy a list of building management companies, general contractors and architects in the areas where you want to do business. Companies like Hoovers and Pinpoint are reputable list sellers. Never buy a list from an unsolicited email.

These are just a few, simple ways for you to market your business. If you need bid or design help with Mortar Net Solutions products, please email Steven Fechino,, 219-850-4514. If you’d like free product samples, click here.

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