Mortar Net Solutions has developed a new, patented, solution that combines drainage mesh and metal lath into a single component that streamlines installation.  LathNet comes to market through a partnership with industry leader ClarkDietrich Building Systems. Mortar Net worked closely with experienced, professional masons throughout the system’s developement to ensure it would perform in the field.  Good practice recognizes the need for drainage and ventilation in adhered masonry veneer installations and Mortar Net has applied its decades of experience in moisture management to create a highly reliable, factory assembled system.


  • Metal Lath:  L:  97″ +1.5 -0   W:  27″ +/-0.375   T:  0.25″
  • Drainage Mesh:  L:  95.5″ +/-0.5   W:  25.5″ +/- 0.25   T:  0.25″
  • Nominal installed coverage:  17 1/3 SF/sheet
LathNet drainage mesh and metal lath


  • Banded in bundles of 10 sheets
  • 100 sheets per pallet (approximate weight:  600 lbs.)

Available Options

  • 3.4 lb., self-furring dimpled steel mesh
  • 0.4″ (10mm) drainage mesh thickness


LathNet panels overlap like shingles to create a code compliant lath and continuous drainage mesh in one.
When LathNet rests on a flat surface such as a weep screed, trim lath so it is flush with the drainage mesh.